With over a decade of experience  in the commercial building sector  across many fields including commercial and project management, I discovered a need for more clarity about what a documentary letter of credit is, and how to go about complying with its requirements. I found too many businesses were struggling with what should be a simple process of negotiating its terms and complying with its requirements. With this in mind I founded Letter of Credit Services on the 24th June 2015.

Over the years I have developed a wealth of knowledge that has seen me negotiate letter of credit terms, set up reporting procedures and find creative solutions to the kinds of problems that occur with letter of credit agreements. It is my hope that with time I can expand the scope of Letter of Credit Services company to provide advice on how to set up trading agreements with overseas customers for small to medium sized businesses.

I work on a freelance basis so do not have the high overheads that corporate institutions have, meaning that I can charge competitive rates, providing a real benefit to outsourcing this service. So get in touch for a quote and I’m sure that we could agree a solution that would benefit your business.

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