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HERNO Padded Coat - Women HERNO x Down Jackets

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brand description
"HERNO (herein)', founded in 1949, Giuseppe marenzi.
While the art of craftsmanship of the artisans has built more than 60 years of history,
And actively using the most innovative high-tech materials in recent years, a new lifestyle.
The elegance of Italian style, design
Characterized by the collection of elegance with luxury materials such as cashmere and vicuña.
While functionality and design are evaluated and down jacket
Become a staple item "Herno".
So is the "injection" method to inject down after sewing
Thinness and lightness of a cosmopolitan happen to be smart.
Design elegance style using luxury materials are characterized
It is a popular luxury brand for Italy.

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[item name]
★ [HERNO] Padded Coat. ★

[item description]
Herno (herein), down coat (black).
Wool blend and Gold feather down.

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-Outer material polyamide-20%
-Outer material 80% wool
-Lining material polyurethane 5%
-Material down feather Lining 100%
-Polyamide material and Lining 95%

-Italy brand

Adopt the following group:
Your purchase will be in Italy Milan "HERNO'.

HERNO Padded Coat - Women HERNO x Down Jackets

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